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Does your organization have problems finding the right employees? A high staff fluctuation and training costs? Did your business encounter cases of internal theft or fraud? Has confidential information been leaked? Are you dissatisfied with your employees’ efficiency?

Did somebody lie to you? Do you suspect your partner of infidelity? Are you insecure if you should trust your partner or relatives with the wellbeing of your children or other dependants?

Accredited Polygraph Services

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Identifying the right applicant for a critical position can be a daunting challenge. Pre-employment screening via polygraph testing gives you insight into a person’s past behavioral patterns, potential criminal activities or the truthfulness of information on a job application. You are provided with a clear advantage in the selection of an applicant who is more likely to exhibit the professional and ethical characteristics you are looking for.

Random or targeted post-employment screening assists you with your effective personnel management. The potential to be tested is a strong deterrent for any member of any organization to conduct undesirable actions.

If incidents occur, polygraph integrity testing provides strong and accurate leads in the successful conclusion of any investigation - corporate or otherwise. Wrongfully accused individuals deserve the chance to clear their name.

Attorneys at law often rely on an accurate pre-trial investigation or a strong expert testimony at court to substantiate their case.

Relationships and even whole families can be stabilized by ascertaining the truth about potentially unwarranted suspicions. Abuse - directed at members of a family or partners in any form of relationship may even be avoided through the use of preventative lie detector testing. If it happens nonetheless, polygraph testing will help to focus the respective investigation.

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